Concrete Maintenance

Concrete Care and Maintenance

Concrete Maintenance Image

Now that you have beautiful new concrete installed, you need to know how to take care of it. Caring for concrete isn’t a difficult task; you just have to be aware of a couple of things in order for your new concrete to remain resiliant and attractive for years to come. North Country Concrete recommends the following maintenance guidelines for exterior concrete:

  • Promptly remove snow and ice from concrete to increase service life.
  • Avoid deicing chemicals on the concrete, especially the first winter. Instead, sand can be used for traction.
  • If deicing chemicals are used after the first winter, never use products that contain magnesium chloride or potassium acetate.
  • Fertilizers contain substances which chemically attack concrete. Fertilizer should never be used as a deicer. Promptly sweep off any fertilizer that is cast on the concrete when lawn spreading.

North Country Concrete is unable to warranty any concrete that has been damaged from deicing chemicals.