Pervious Concrete

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Pervious concrete is truly a revolutionary advancement in concrete. And at North Country Concrete you’ll find the industry experts who can install it best.

North Country Concrete is one of the most experienced concrete companies in the state of Minnesota with pervious concrete. We have completed many projects across the metro area including one of the largest pervious street projects in the country- a project in the Woodbridge community in Shoreview, Minnesota, in the summer of 2009. This important concrete design is supportive of green, sustainable growth. The unique blend captures storm water and allows it to seep through the concrete into the ground, thus recharging groundwater and reducing storm water runoff. This low-impact technique is instrumental in protecting water quality and providing first flush pollution control and stormwater management. The Environmental Protection Agency calls it one of the Best Management Practices.

Developers Love Pervious Concrete

In addition, green-minded developers love pervious concrete because it allows for a much more efficient use of land. When you have pervious concrete, you’ll a reduced need to dedicate land for retention ponds, swales, and other stormwater runoff management techniques.

City of Shoreview's concrete municipal roads

Location: Shoreview, MN
Type of Project: Pervious concrete
Notes: This project was one of the first in Minnesota to employ this type of green building.

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Edgewater Park

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Type of Project: Public Use / Park-Pervious Concrete
Materials Used: Pervious Concrete
Notes: Pervious Concrete was stained to look like the Mississippi River is running along the pathway.

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