If you’ve invested in high-quality pervious or decorative concrete, practicing proper long-term maintenance is essential for its longevity. Routine cleaning and upkeep will help ensure your commercial concrete remains both functional and visually appealing for decades to come. To help you care for your investment properly, the experts at North Country Concrete discuss valuable maintenance tips below.

Pervious Concrete

Like conventional concrete, pervious concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and coarse aggregates; however, it differs in that it is far more porous. While the structure of pervious concrete allows for exceptional water drainage, it also contributes to additional debris accumulation, which necessitates special maintenance. To properly maintain your pervious concrete, keep these tips in mind:

●        Avoid resealing the concrete with impervious sealants as doing so will impede water drainage.

●        To clean dirt and debris accumulation, vacuuming is generally the best option. Generally, debris remains within the top inch of the concrete and can be effectively removed with vacuum suction.

●        Thoroughly vacuuming pervious concrete at 6- to 12-month intervals will help prevent substantial debris buildup in the porous material.

●        Practice proper landscaping maintenance, if necessary, to prevent soil and other outdoor debris from settling into the porous surface after rainstorms.

●        Occasional power washing can help loosen deeply settled debris, though a high PSI is not recommended as it can damage the aggregate surface. Always follow power washing with vacuuming.

●        When plowing snow on pervious concrete, use a protective blade cover and avoid back dragging the plow blades along the surface.

Decorative Concrete

Stamped and colored concrete require ongoing maintenance to maintain their integrity and lasting visual appeal. Because decorative concrete contains several features not present in standard commercial concrete, extra care must be taken throughout the cleaning process. Here’s what you need to know:

●        When maintaining concrete surface, resist the urge to pressure wash decorative concrete. Over time, the intense water pressure begins to break down the sealant, which can compromise the appearance and lifespan of the concrete. Instead, rinse the concrete with a low pressure stream of water.

●        When dirt and grime become trapped in the crevices of stamped concrete, use a gentle cleanser to loosen the buildup before rinsing it away with a low-pressure stream of water.

●        Ideally, you should have decorative concrete resealed at 18- to 24-month intervals. Routine resealing helps prevent color fading and environmental deterioration. In order to reseal, pressure wash the surface, removing debri and any remaining sealer.  After pressure washing occurs, wait 24-48 hours. If there has been no inclement weather during this time, apply 1-2 coats and allow to dry before allowing foot traffic.

●        In winter, avoid distributing salt and de-icer on decorative concrete. Both substances are highly caustic and can quickly break down the protective seal coating.

●        Avoid using metal shovels or snow removal tools on colored and stamped concrete. While highly durable, decorative concrete is susceptible to chips and scratches from harsh cleaning tools and careless user operation.

●        Always apply an anti-skid coating after each new coat of sealant. This ensures employees and visitors are well-protected from falls and injuries if the concrete becomes wet.

If you have any questions about proper maintenance techniques and cleaning materials for your building’s decorative concrete, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for further details.

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