Modern concrete capabilities offer your business far more in terms of design than plain grey slab. Though functional, monotone grey slab has never offered commercial properties the ability to showcase their creativity through customized concrete design. Today, however, improving the aesthetic appeal of any business property is more than possible with customized decorative concrete.

At North Country Concrete, it’s our goal to help you protect and beautify your commercial property. Below, we’ve outlined how stamped and colored concrete can help you accomplish that.    

Flexibility in Property Design

Ongoing advances in concrete mixing and application allow commercial concrete companies the ability to create virtually any color or texture imaginable. These features can be applied to existing concrete or new installations, offering a simple, yet effective method of improving the aesthetic appeal of any commercial property. Depending on the capabilities of the concrete company, decorative coatings can be applied through a range of methods, including:

●        Stamp overlays

●        Splatter texture

●        Textured float & trowel finishes

●        Broom finishes

●        Brick & natural stone finishes

If you’re looking for specific concrete design elements, feel free to consult with our team on your options. As Minnesota’s leading commercial concrete company, If you can envision a design, we can help you bring it to life.

Durability & Longevity

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, stamped and colored concrete also boast incredible strength and longevity. Decorative concrete coatings not only function to improve the design of a commercial property, but they also help protect surfaces from environmental impacts, mold, and damage from heavy loads. Like simple grey slab, decorative concrete can retain its visual appeal and functionality for decades with proper maintenance.

Minimal Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, decorative concrete doesn’t require extensive care. Though it offers far more in terms of design, maintaining its long-term visual appeal doesn’t necessitate specialty measures. Debris accumulation and spills are easily taken care of with simple soap and water, and there’s no need for ongoing coating application or polishing. If you’re diligent about applying sealant every few years, your decorative concrete should last for decades.

Budget-Friendly Design Improvements

Decorative concrete coatings offer an affordable solution for maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property. Despite their considerable benefits, colored and stamped concrete are cost-effective to install and maintain. Its extreme durability and lasting appeal make decorative concrete an intelligent design decision for any commercial property.

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